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What you need to know after having your Vasectomy....

  • It is recommened that you rest for the first 2 days.
  • Make sure you wear tight underpants immediately after the procedure.
  • Use an ice pack initially to help reduce bruising and for pain relief. Report to the doctor immediately if you notice any severe pain, excessive skin or scrotal bruising,swelling or hardness under the skin.
  • No heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for 2 weeks after the surgery and no swimming (pools or ocean) for 3 weeks.
  • You cannot shower after having the procedure. You can shower the next day.
  • It is recommended to not have sex for 2 weeks following the procedure.
  • Patients will be given pathology forms for semen analysis (sperm tests) to be performed 3 months after the procedure. Call the clinic 7 days after you submit your specimen for results. It is your own responsibility to remember to do so. Use alternative contraception until this has been achieved.

Common Post Operative Questions:

No. Your body will continue to produce male hormones. You will have the similar amount of semen. Vasectomy should not affect sex drive. The only difference is that live sperms are blocked.
After vasectomy, there may be some active sperms left in your system. It takes approximately 30 ejaculations and three months to clear them. Other forms of family planning should be used until you confirm with Dr Wong it is safe.

We advise first semen analysis done at least three months post operatively to confirm the procedure had been effective. Please do not submit specimen until it has been at least 3 months and 30 ejaculations since your operation.

Pathology forms will be given on the day of vasectomy. After collection of specimen, please submit to the appropriate pathology centre and call us for results after 7 days. Confirmation of results with Dr Wong is essential.

Approximately 1-2 weeks,only when you are comfortable after the procedure.
Yes, it can but all vasectomies should be considered permanent. The reversal procedure itself is expensive and not always successful. Also some people may form anti-sperm antibodies. The longer it has been since vasectomy, the more chances of this occurring. This may reduce the ability of sperms to fertilize the ovum and hence a reduction in fertility will occur.
Vasectomy Post Operation - Resting
Vasectomy Post Care - Ice Pack
You must wait for at least 3 months after vasectomy before submitting a semen specimen to confirm the procedure has been successful.

Please allow 1 week before calling the clinic for results. Semen collection fees may be required by individual laboratory.

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