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What you need to know before & after your Circumcision....

Prepare for the Surgery

  • Take oral prophylactic antibiotics 2 hours prior to procedure (adult circumcision only). You will given prophylactic antibiotics at the time of booking for the procedure.
  • Prophylactic antibiotics are not required prior to baby/newborn circumcisions using disposable plastic devices
  • Thoroughly clean the foreskin using antiseptic solution
  • Apply topical anaesthestics cream provided at time of booking
  • Leave the anaesthestics cream for a minimal of 30 minutes
  • Local anaesthestics or anaesthestics block will be given by Dr Wong before the procedure

After the Surgery

  • A light dressing is applied below the glans penis after the procedure.
    It is normal have some swelling after circumcision procedure.
  • Gentle cleansing in the shower can be performed after 24 hours
  • For infants and newborns, no specific dressing is required after Plastibell circumcision (or Circumplast circumcision), the plastic device will eventually fall off after an average of 7-8 days
  • You will be given follow up appointment at 1 week. In general full recovery after circumcision may take a few weeks. But most patients are able to go back to work after a few days (light duties).

Vasectomy Post Operation - Resting
Vasectomy Post Care - Ice Pack

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