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What are the Potential Risks and Benefits of a Circumcision?


  • Eliminates the risk of infection and inflammation such as phimosis or balanitis
  • Hygiene reasons
  • Possibly reduces the risk of future penile cancer
  • May reduce the risk of being infected with bacterial and viruses from partner
  • Reduces the risk of infecting sexual partner from bacterial and viral load that accumulates under the foreskin, such as Human Papilloma (genital wart) viruse or chlamydia
  • Sexual function and sensation generally not affected from the procedure


  • Bleeding – the majority of bleeding are minor capillary bleeds and generally settle with local pressure on the sutures
  • Infection – Good hygiene is important part of post operative management
  • Swelling
  • Haematoma
  • Pain
  • Unsatisfactory cosmetic result
  • Too little skin or too much skin removed
  • Wound breakdown - patients are advised a period of abstinence from sexual arousal and to avoid erection, as this may tear suturs apart
  • For baby circumcisions, proximal migration of plastic devices can occur, or wrong size applied (unlikely if performed by experienced doctors)

Dr Wong

Why Choose Dr. Wong?

Experienced Doctor who have performed thousands of vasectomies and hundreds of circumcisions as well as many other skin procedures since 2001. Doctor who lives locally and contactable after hours for advice

  • Choice of Anaesthestics
  • Sedation available if desired

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