Circumcision Information

Dr Wong personally perform all circumcision procedures himself in our clinic. He has many years experience with this type of surgery.

The optimal time to perform circumcision for your baby boy is between 4 weeks to 3 months after birth.

Parents will be given anaesthetic (numbing) cream at the time of booking, so this can be applied to the penis 1-2 hours prior to the procedure.

Dr. Wong is experienced with all 3 methods of performing newborn circumcision including plastibell circumcision. He will customise the surgery based on the anatomy and needs of your boy.

This is in contrast to some doctors who only know one method and only offer one method, as there are pros and cons with each method.

If a plastic device is used, it is secured with a suture with the excess foreskin removed. The plastic device will detach with the redundant foreskin in 7-14 days. Aftercare follow up consultation in 1 week.

If you have any issues, we will provide you with after hours number to call for advice.


  • Religious or cultural reasons
  • Prevention of future inflammation or infection such as phimosis, balanitis
  • Hygiene reasons


  • Congenital abnormalities, for example, if the urethra opening is not on penis tip such as hypospadias or epispadias
  • Chordee, or downward curvature of the penis
  • Buried penis
  • Sick or unstable babies
  • Bleeding disorders

How to put numbing cream on penis before circumcision surgery

Cost of Circumcision

Initial consultation $105 (Medicare rebate $76)

Booking Fee (for the surgery) is $100, which will be deducted from the surgical fees.

The Procedure Fees (as at Nov 2020)

Circumcision Newborns less than 3 months $550 (Medicare rebate $41)
Circumcision Babies 3 months to 12 months $660 (Medicare rebate $41).
Circumcision Young boys up to age 1 year to 12 years is $770 (Medicare rebate $41 if under age 10 or $125 if over age 10)

Teenagers between 12 to 15 year from $880 (medicare rebate is $125)

Teenagers older than 15 years requiring adult type surgical approach is $990 (Medicare rebate is $125 for boys over age 10 years)

A small fee is applicable for anaesthestic cream (Numbing cream) which is at charged at wholesale price approximately $11.

Alternatively you can purchase Nummit 5% cream 10 g from pharmacy.