No Scalpel, Open Ended Technique, One Opening, Special Gentle Injection Technique

Vasectomy is the only “non reversible” contraception for males.

Other methods of contraception include condoms and spermicide. This procedure is indicated where the family has the desired number of children or where other contraceptive methods have been tried and failed or deemed inappropriate.

The Process

In our clinic we combine the advantages of both no scalpel and open ended vasectomy techniques. Most doctors prefer to administer local anaesthetics to both the right and left side of the scrotum then making an incision on each side using a scalpel blade.

Dr. Wong prefers to gain access to the tubes using only one opening in the centre of the scrotum, with a specially designed instrument to gently open the scrotal skin to give access both spermatic tubes. Once both tubes have been identified, they are divided with one end sealed.

The ends of the spermatic tubes are separated by the fascia (membrane), but the testicular end of the tubes is left unsealed, so that the sperms do not suddenly build up, hence there is less chance of post vasectomy congestion discomfort. With the no scalpel technique, there is less bleeding and no stitches are required to close the tiny opening. Healing is quicker and faster with minimal bruising and discomfort. The open ended technique is just as effective and does not lead to a higher failure rate. Dr Wong also provides a needle free option!

Research published in the The Cochrane Library: Scalpel versus No scalpel incision for vasectomy (published online 8-Jul- 2009, free online access) concluded the No-Scalpel approach to the vas resulted in less bleeding, hematoma, infection, and pain as well as a shorter operation time than the traditional incision technique.

No Scalpel
Vasectomy Diagram