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About Circumcision

Circumcision is the surgical removal of foreskin. It is usually performed for religious or cultural reasons and some medical conditions. In our clinic, Dr Wong personally performs all circumcision procedures and he has many years' experience with this type of procedures.

Circumcision has not been shown to negatively impact sexual functions.

Circumcision for Babies & Infants Brisbane

The optimal time to perform a circumcision is when the child is from age 4 weeks to 3 months. When parents book for the procedure, we will provide topical anaesthestic cream, which is to be applied 2 hours prior to the procedure.

Dr Wong is experienced with both newborn circumcision using plastic device, as well as without plastic device. He will assess the child, taking parents' wishes into consideration, determine the most appropriate technique, according to the anatomy and needs of the newborn. After the procedure, we will provide you with an after hours contact number if you have any problems.

If a plastic device is used, the plastic device will detach with the redundant foreskin in 5-14 days. We will provide a follow up appointment after 1 week, there is no fee for this follow up appointment. He can use either Plastibell or Circumplast (both TGA approved) or non plastic device technique.

After the procedure, the baby can be bathed and diapered as usual, we will provide information regarding wound care after the surgery.

The initial consultation fee is $65.00 (this includes anaesthetic cream to be applied pre procedure) consultation Medicare Rebate is $37.50. Fee for circumcision procedure is $550, this includes anaesthetic cream (Medicare rebate is approximately $39). Toddlers who require circumcision with suturing technique fee is $660 (Medicare rebate is approximately $39). There is no charge for the follow up appointment.

Adult and Teenager Circumcision

In adults and teenagers, Dr. Wong can surgically remove the excess foreskin. The skin edges will be joined together with dissolvable sutures and skin glue. The procedure can be performed under local anaesthestics (with simple sedative gas if required), or nerve block if required.
Antibiotics may be prescribed for a few days to reduce risk of infections at the doctors discretion. Simple pain relief may be required in the first few days. Initial Consultation is $65 (Medicare rebate is $37.50) this price includes the anaesthetic cream to be applied before the procedure.

Fee for Partial Technique Circumcision for Adults & teens is $770. Fee for Full Circumcision for adults is $990. (Procedure is performed using local anaesthetics) with a Medicare rebate or approximately $110.

Gas sedation is $150 and extra if intravenous sedation is required. Please discuss with Doctor if you required additional anaesthestics (gas or intravenous).

You will be booked for a follow up appointment 2 weeks post procedure. We will provide post operative wound care instructions and after hours contact if any problems arise.

Circumcision on Infant
Medical opinions vary, some doctors believe this procedure may have some medical benefits for some patients (eg. phimosis, hygiene problems, recurrent urine infections, reduce transmission of HIV & HPV viruses ) , whilst other doctors believe the benefits is too small to justify routine surgery for normal healthy individuals.

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Fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us regarding any questions you may have, or contact us on 07 3889 9120 to book a consultation.
Fill out the contact form below to get in touch with us regarding any questions you may have. or contact us on 07 3889 9120 or to book a consultation.

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