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Baby circumcision is a surgical procedure to remove the foreskin of the penis.

The optimal time to perform a circumcision is when the child is first born.

Dr. Wong uses topical anaesthetic cream prior to the procedure. He uses a plastic device (either plastibell or circumplast) for baby circumcisions.

The use of this device reduces the risk of bleeding complications compared to other methods. The plastic device is inserted under the foreskin to separate it from the penis.

The device is secured with a ligature and then the excess foreskin is removed. The plastic device will detach with the redundant foreskin in 7-14 days. Dr Wong will review the child after 1 week, there is no fee for the follow up appointment.

Dr Wong is also on call after hours if you have any concerns. Dr Wong is experienced using both Plastibell (the original plastic device) as well as the new CircumPlast device for babies.

After the procedure, the baby can be bathed and diapered as usual, no dressing is required.

Dr. Wong performs most newborn circumcision using single use, disposable plastic devices. We provide the choice of Plastibell or Circumplast, both are approved single use devices that are used for newborn and baby circumcisions.

• Religious or cultural reasons
• Prevention of future inflammation or infection such as phimosis, balanitis
• Hygiene reasons

• Congenital abnormalities, for example, if the urethra opening is not on penis tip such as hypospadias or epispadias
• Chordee, or downward curvature of the penis
• Buried penis
• Sick or unstable babies
• Bleeding disorders

How to put numbing cream on penis before circumcision surgery

The Procedure


Before & After

Circumcision on Infant


Initial consultation $65 (Medicare rebate $37),

Procedure $550 (Medicare rebate $39).

We generally take $100 booking fee and the balance $450 is payable on day of procedure. We will give you a receipt to claim Medicare.

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