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Dr. Wong can perform circumcision procedures using at least 3 techniques (plastic device, clamp technique and excision method) under local anaesthestics with minimal discomfort.

He will personally assess your body (different size, shapes, amount of loose skin, the loose skin with and without erection) to decide the best method for you. He will also take into account your religious preference, ethnic origin and customise the method most suitable for you.

This is in contrast to other doctors who only know one surgical technique and use the same technique on all patients.

He has a special interest in helping men who suffer from phimosis or LIchen Sclerosis (a skin condition that can affect the foreskin).

• Constricted and painful foreskin, unable to be retracted back
• Recurrent balanoposthisis (inflammation of the foreskin over the glans penis)
• Paraphimosis or painful foreskin that gets stuck in retracted position
• Cultural or religious reasons
• Hygiene reasons

For teenager circumcision, the parent/s must be present to hear the information, discuss their concerns and give informed consent.

Circumcision does not affect fertility, nor will circumcision enhance or detract from sexual pleasure for men or their partners.

• Congenital abnormalities of the penis
• Chordee
• Buried penis
• Bleeding disorders
Any other conditions affecting healing process

How to apply anaesthestic numbing cream before circumcision

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Circumcision & Non Circumcision


Initial Consultation fee $65 (Medicare rebate $37)

The surgical fee for teen and adult circumcision under local anaesthestics is $770 to $990, depending on whether it is a partial or full circumcision ($100 booking fee, balance payable on day of procedure). You must have a consultation with Dr Wong prior to booking surgery.

We will provide complimentary topical anaesthestic cream to apply to the foreskin 1-2 hours prior to surgery.

Generally it takes over 90 minutes to perform (Medicare rebate is approximately $60). Fee as at 11/8/2017.

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